Complete Traditional Burial: $1495

  • Burial Space

  • Outer Burial Container

  • Interment Fees

  • Granite Headstone (add $595)

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 In-Ground Burial Consists of:

  • An interment space

  • An outer burial container

  • A memorial

  • An interment fee


Interment rights include the right to place a memorial and flower vase where permitted.  Space is also provided for the interment of cremated remains. 


An outer burial container is an enclosure that encases the casket. 


A memorial pays tribute to a life and identify the interment space.  Usually constructed of bronze or granite, they may be flush with the ground or upright.  


The interment fee includes the following:  administration, permanent record keeping and documentation, opening and closing of the grave, interment set up, leveling and maintenance of the grave, supplies and other services.



If you are considering cremation, it is important to understand what is involved and what your choices are.  If you are considering placing the cremated remains in our columbarium, the cost will consist of the urn, niche, type of memorialization and entombment fee.  If you are considering placing the cremated remains in the ground, the cost will consist of the urn, urn vault, interment space, type of memorialization and inurment fee.

Cremation Inurnment: $595 - $795

  1. Cremation Niche - $595                   (urn not provided).

  2. Cremation Ground Inurnment - $795 (urn not provided)

  • Burial Space

  • Urn Vault

  • Inurnment Fees